My Favorite Things From 2017

Talula the Shih Tzu

When I was a little boy, I had a book with a picture of a black and white puppy on the cover.  My heart’s desire has been to have one of my own.  Now I do!   Her name is Talula –  an Irish name with a shout-out to my heritage.


The Greatest Showman

This musical is my favorite movie of the year.  The opening scene, where the man turns into the little boy looking in the store window, was a beautiful transition.  Then the boy begins to sing to the little girl  – and a sob swelled up in my throat.  Beautiful!   Hopeful!

Mat Kearney

Mat is my favorite singer/songwriter of all time.  The song, “Better Than I Used to Be,” released this year, has the lyrics, “Things don’t go just the way you planned it, so much to take for granted.”   A beautiful reflection on having gratitude for your current life; and the music is just sooooo good!  Best EP of the year.

Mickey Mouse

I love Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse.  I went to an auction this year and walked away with several vintage Mickey Mouse memorablia pieces.  One in particular, specifically of Mickey Mouse, was made by a rubber company during the 1930’s.   It is a sweet treasure reminding me of how the creativity of one man still has relevance nearly a century later.



Carole King has always been a favorite and I am very familiar with her album Tapestry.  This year, I found a copy of the album at the bottom of a giant stack of records.  It plays perfectly and makes me believe the 70’s are alive in my living room.


Dear Evan Hanson

I watched a poorly filmed, bootleg version on YouTube of this Broadway show.   In spite of the quality, I discovered a wonderful story of lies becoming truth and the truth bringing about freedom for the main character, played by Ben Platt.  His voice is heavenly and the songwriters, Benji Pasek and Justin Paul, have created some amazing songs.  The book is by Steven Levenson; his story-telling takes you from the depths of despair to restoration.  Favorite words are, “Just two friends on a perfect day.”

The Great Comet

The show didn’t survive bad press, but watching a rough version online made me want to run off and join the theatre when hearing Josh Groban sing, “Dust and Ashes.”

Awakening the Evangelical Mind

It is nice reading someone recounting the power of evangelism in America.   Sometimes the history helps you see where you’re standing today.


There is a Cloud

Elevation Worship helps me walk into my Father’s presence.   Songs sung in earth and touching heaven.

The Author’s Voice

I wrote a play filled with famous American Author’s visiting a struggling, young author, named Brenda, living in New York in 1978.  The experience was incredible for me as playwright, director, costumer, and set designer.


Tristan and His Rubix Cube (my son)

He mastered the cube and can solve it in less than 1:50 every time.  He understands algorithms.  Cute and smart!


Aidan Growing Taller than Me (my son)

My fourteen year old out grew me in stature.  His heart is even bigger.  Always gentle!  A great man!


Brennyn and Her Eye (my daughter)

She has an eye for seeing life.  In paintings, drawings and song.   Visionary.



My eternal friend.  I never have to journey alone.  And together we had three!!!


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